Safe, Sanitised and socially distanced

Safe, Sanitized and socially distanced

Hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue

We have positioned a number of hand sanitizing stations throughout venue and encourage our visitors to clean their hands upon entering the building and before taking part in any activities.

Masks to be worn inside the venue

Facemasks are to be worn inside the venue, although they are not required to be worn by anyone taking part in activities, anyone consuming food or drink, or anyone under the age of 11.

30 min cleaning rota for high touch areas

We have increased our already intensive cleaning rota, making sure to disinfect all our headsets thoroughly after each use, and cleaning all high-touch areas within the venue on a half hour cycle

Social Distancing awareness stickers

Social distancing stickers have been placed around our venue to remind people to be mindful and to offer guidance on a safe distance to stand.

Hygiene mask provided for each VR Station

Our branded hygiene masks offer added protection and peace of mind for those who are taking part in our VR Arenas. They can be kept or disposed of after your session and are 100% biodegradable.

Traffic control indicators around the venue

Traffic flow stickers have been placed on the floor to offer guidance and manage footfall around our venue. We have arrows to show which direction to walk and where is best to stand to avoid grouping.

UVC light application kills 99% of bacteria

Our UV-C lightwand is used on all of our equipment at the end of each day. This lightwand is used in hospitals throughout the UK and is known to be effective in destroying 99.9% of all bacteria .

Cashless payment system in use

Cash is no longer accepted in the venue. We only accept contactless payments either with card or by mobile phone. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Most socially distanced activity in the world!